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do not fear the language barrier. Despite we do the program in Germany - we are multilingual and we always tier down language hurdles smoothly.
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Hochschule Darmstadt -Darmstadt University- and its Fachbereich Media -the School of Media- provides one of the most sophisticated study programs in Information Science (Informationswissenschaft) in the world. This is due to the distinguishing fact, that we perform this science as an engineering faculty and engineering science. Usually it ist provided as a social science instead. And that makes a BIG difference. We carry out semantics AND informatics AND technology to achieve the best breed for future information societies and its compounds. And, as a result from the underlying budgeting, we are perfectly equipped with technology and access to professional information sources.

It is not a slogan - our programs are accredited by one of the most recognized academic engineering & accreditation agencies in Europe, with an „A+“.

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